Sony's new smartphone accessories play nice with Xperia Z Ultra

Second generation Smartwatch and companion Bluetooth handset for the Xperia Z Ultra will hit Malaysian stores by end Q3
Sony Smartwatch 2

At the launch of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra phone, Sony announced two accessories for the gigantic phone. One of it is the new Sony Smart Bluetooth Handset SBH52, or as we would like to call it, ‘the phone for the Xperia Z Ultra’. And the other, is the improved and sleeker Sony Smartwatch 2.

The phone's phone

Sony Smart Bluetooth Handset SBH52

Tap the SBH52 with any NFC-ready smartphone to pair them automatically via Bluetooth.

Using this little headset likely makes more sense than placing the massive 6.4-inch display of the Sony phablet to your ear. Its OLED screen displays notifications from the smartphone, and has an integrated FM radio for your music fix.

Dick Tracy wannabe

Sony Smartwatch 2

On the other hand (yes, pun fully intended), the Sony Smartwatch 2 is the upgrade to last year's not so impressive model. Sony's idea of a Dick Tracy watch sends real-time notifications such as text messages and social network updates from your phone to your wrist. No need to fumble through your bag to skip a track, you can control the music with a few swipes on the Smartwatch 2.

Both devices will be in Malaysian stores by end September. No prices were given during the announcement however, so keep your eyes on this space to get that update. Meanwhile, get a sneak peek with our hands-on review of the Smartwatch 2.