Sony's burning problem - Vaio Fit 11A models could literally catch fire

Battery overheating issues strike again
Sony has burning problem as Vaio Fit 11A models could literally catch fire

PC manufacturers all dream of creating the next 'hot' product. Sony's convertible laptop/tablet hybrid the Vaio Fit 11A is literally too hot to handle as users have reported the device's internal batteries overheat to the point of burning up.

This is slightly embarassing for Sony as it wasn't too long ago in 2006 when companies had to recall millions of laptops because their Sony-manufactured batteries were prone to overheating and ran the risk of catching fire.

This time around the batteries were not made by Sony, but with there being 26,000 units shipped to around 52 countries and regions around the world, the potential for a PR nightmare is there.

This laptop's on fire

Sony's burning problem - Vaio Fit 11A models could literally catch fire

In a statement, Sony said that it is likely not all the units are affected, only some that used internal battery packs made by an unnamed third-party supplier. The defective units have product names starting with SVF11N1 followed by four additonal letters or numbers.

If your unit is affected, Sony says turn off your PC immediately. Sony is planning a program within the next two weeks to repair or replace the affected units, or perhaps refund it.

The first reported cases of overheating took place last month on March 19 in Japan and on March 30 in Hong Kong. Shipments of the units stopped April 1. At least Sony isn't the only one taking the heat as Lenovo has had to recall older ThinkPads with battery issues.

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