Sony unveils three new Vaio laptops at IFA

The Vaio trio from the Japanese company come with some fancy features and design to dazzle your senses
Sony Vaio Tap 11

Big or small, flexible or detachable. Sony has all that covered with its latest additions to its Vaio PC family.

Unveiled at the annual IFA consumer electronics event in Berlin, the Sony Vaio Tap 11 will be the first of the trio to hit retail shelves by the end of September in Singapore, followed by other countries in the south-east Asia region right after that.

The Windows 8 tablet is powered by the latest Intel Haswell processors, and you can choose from the Core i5 or i7 variants. An 11in full HD Trilumininos Display adorns the front of the tablet, and it comes with a detachable keyboard that attaches to the tablet via a magnetic contact. To learn more about Sony’s lightweight tablet, check out our first impressions.

Sony Vaio Fit

Sony Vaio Fit

Sony’s Vaio Fit is a work of art, with a new multi-flip hinge that converts the device into a laptop, tablet or akin to a display stand.

This triple-changer comes in three sizes - 15in, 14in and 13in - and are available in Asia Pacific from November. The 14in variant, however, will not be available in Singapore.

For aspiring artists, a digitizer stylus is included with the 13in version, and can be purchased as a separate accessory for the 15in and 14in variant.

Sony Vaio Tap 21

Sony Vaio Tap 21

The successor to the Vaio Tap 20 comes with a thinner and lighter body, with a slightly larger display. Pop a blockbuster movie into this all-in-one PC, and it gets pretty close to a cinematic experience with the Triluminos Display working in tandem with X-Reality to reduce noise levels on images and movies. Audio enhancement such as ClearAudio+ throws some heart-thumping bass into the equation.

The Vaio Tap 21 will be available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia from October, while Singapore consumers will not get to manhandle its 21in display.