Sony teases with its own PS4 unboxing video

Greatness awaits once Sony's PlayStation 4 is ripe for the unboxing. And the next best thing to unboxing the console yourself, is letting Sony do it for you
Sony teases with its own PS4 unboxing video

This week, Sony will finally let us know when the PlayStation 4 will be available in Singapore and Malaysia, along with sweet details like pricing and bundles. But what will the impatient masses do in the meantime? Go to YouTube of course. Or at least that is what Sony counts on with this fun sendup of traditional unboxing videos.

Worth the wait?

Does that video look familiar? You are not imagining things. Sony basically reworked the teaser video for Daft Punk's Random Access Memory teaser video, minus the electronic music duo's audio touch. 

Instead, the video slowly reveals the kit included with Sony's next-generation console. The power cord. The HDMI cable. The QuickStart guide. 

Sony is such a tease, but it's also a brilliant play just before its official launch in Asia. At the very least, this move will assure Sony's win in the 'cool factor' game against Microsoft's Xbox One, which is nowhere in sight for at least another year in Asia.