Sony reveals SmartWatch 2 - hey, that smartwatch revolution might happen after all

Haven't got enough tech strapped to your extremities? Perhaps Sony's second stab at the SmartWatch can tempt your wrist with its clever innards
Sony reveals SmartWatch 2

The Sony Xperia Ultra wasn't the only interesting new object Sony revealed this morning. The Japanese tech giant is having a second stab at wearable tech with the SmartWatch 2, clearly keen to stake its ground before the iWatch and Galaxy watch steamroller the burgeoning market.

The SmartWatch 2 is water-resistant (but apparently not shower-proof), with a 1.6in 220x176 screen that's optimised to be read easily in sunlight. Bluetooth and one-touch NFC sharing should mean easy pairing, and like the original Sony SmartWatch it can be used to control the music on your connected gadget, and keeps you abreast of all your social notifications as they roll in. Calendar reminders, phone calls, messages, email, Twitter and Facebook are all supported.

The SmartWatch 2 will will play nice with Android devices and will let users answer calls, navigate slideshows and record running/cycle routes with apps such as Runtastic – and more apps that work with the SmartWatch 2 should be available by the time it launches. You can even trigger your phone's camera remotely if you're feeling particularly spy-like... or if you're a big selfie-taking narcissist.

A number of coloured strap options will be available and the SmartWatch 2 can also be kitted out with third-party watch straps for picky gadgeteers to mix and match their style. All that, and it can tell the time.

No price or release date at the moment, but we'll keep you updated.

Is the SmartWatch 2 enough to tempt you to join the smartwatch revolution? Let us know below!