Sony reveals HDR-MV1 camcorder designed for music videos

I want my MTV: Sony gives the humble camcorder a new lease of life with this dual mic’d video camera
Sony HDR-MV1

If you thought the camcorder was deader than Monty Python’s parrot, think again – Sony’s designed a new movie maker specifically for shooting music videos.

The HDR-MV1 looks like a cross between a compact camera and high-end audio recorder – which is pretty much what it is. Underneath the Carl Zeiss lens you’ll find a pair of microphones capable of capturing uncompressed Linear PCM sound. Non-muso translation: it’ll sound really good (as long as the band’s not rubbish).

Behind the music

Sony HDR-MV1

Behind that lens there’s an Exmor R CMOS sensor that’ll record 1080p video to an SD card to be unearthed later when your band has gone on to become the next One Direction. On the side there’s a 2.7in LCD screen for watching your footage back to make sure you caught that botched stage dive.

The MV1 also comes with Wi-Fi and NFC onboard, meaning you can hook it up to an Android smartphone or tablet to use its screen as a viewfinder, or transfer clips wirelessly to upload to the internet. 

Pricing for the HDR-MV1 in Malaysia is still unavailable, but it will hit the market in December.