Sony reveals first wave of PlayStation Now streaming TVs

New 4K Bravia range to support live, direct streaming of PS3 games
Sony reveals first wave of PlayStation Now streaming TVs

When Sony announced PlayStation Now back at CES 2014 – and revealed that the game-streaming system would be available to upcoming smart TVs as well as consoles – the latter part of the news sounded almost too good to be true.

The ability to rent and play PS3 games like The Last of Us without a PS3, instead streaming them live – and lag-free – from the cloud directly to a telly? Amazing – and now we know which of Sony’s 2014 TVs will support the feature.

The flagship XBR-950B screen is among the PlayStation Now-compatible range

The nine models, all of which are 4K-compatible, start the 49in XBR-X850B (US$2,100) and range up to the 85in XBR-X950B (US$25,000). Sadly, PlayStation Now is a US-only feature for the time being, meaning that the models won’t support streaming elsewhere.

As well as a compatible TV, gamers will also need at least a 5Mbps internet connection and a DualShock 3 controller.

[Via: TechRadar]

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