Sony PlayStation 4 Sales Drop Because Of The PlayStation 5

Sony may want to rethink their PlayStation 5 startegy in the future

Earlier this year, clips of Sony revealing the PlayStation 5 (PS5) circulated; revealing an almost non-existant loading time for the exclusive Spider-Man game while also sharing some key specs such as 8K resolution and ray-tracing related to the upcoming console.

Well, doing all that may have been a mistake as sales of the PlayStation 4 (PS4) has been negatively affected. And Sony admits this is a problem at a recent presentation available to investors.

"PS4 hardware unit sales in the first quarter were slightly below our expectations primarily due to the news regarding our next generation console," reads a Sony statement. "Taking this into account, we have decided to prioritise profitability going forward, and have revised downward our forecast for hardware unit sales by 1 million units to 15 million units."

With the PS4 having been around for almost 6 years now and a PS5 launch date likely happening soon, it's not a surprise at all that the sales of PS4 has dropped significantly. 

It's also possible that Sony is waiting for the trade conflict between the US and China to be resolved before the PS5 launches to keep prices of the console from rising. If left unresolved, tariffs for Chinese-manufactured goods could be increased by an additional 25%, which would make it more expensive for Sony to export the PS4 and PS5 to America. Even Nintendo and Microsoft would be affected.

While it's unsure how this tariff could affect Malaysian consumers, it's still best to be wary as we do import games from America, and in the case of Nintendo where we depend on the US region for games, there is a high chance the increase of price in America would affect us too.