Sony PlayStation 4 arrives in Malaysia on 20th Dec, priced from RM1799

Get ready to smash that piggy bank. Sony’s next-generation console is coming to town in a few weeks - just in time for the Christmas holiday gaming session
Sony PlayStation 4 arrives in Malaysia on 19th Dec, priced from RM1799

RM1799. That’s how much you’ll be forking out for the long-awaited Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4). And you can hug it to sleep (after you’re done abusing it with its 23 launch titles), starting from 20th December.

The next-generation gaming console by the Japanese electronics maker will be bundled with a single PlayStation DualShock 4 controller (extra pads cost RM249), plus the bulk of what you saw in the official unboxing video and a 500GB HDD.

The PlayStation 4 Eye camera is also available as a bundle with the PS4, and you can pre-order it for RM1899. This pre-order package includes a one-year regional warrany and a month of PlayStation Plus subscription. Alternatively, the camera is available separately for RM249.

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