Sony may have three water-resistant devices coming soon

That’s what we made out from its word search-like IFA teaser
Sony may have three water-resistant devices coming soon

With IFA 2014 just days away, tech companies are trying to outdo each other with their pre-event marketing. And Sony’s one of them – it’s released a new teaser that hints at not one, but three new upcoming water-resistant devices.

The teaser, “The time to Demand Great is coming”, reveals some clues to what we'll be seeing in the next few weeks or months. For one, it’s set a date of 3 September, which means they will be revealed in the days leading up to IFA.

Another flashes up as 03:06:H2:00, which got the media reeling at the sight of H2:0. And with a silhouette of three devices in the video, could this mean there’s going to be three more water-resistant Xperia devices? 

We do the guesswork for you

Could they be the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and the Xperia Z3 compact tablet? Rumours and spyshots have been circulating of the Z3 even though the Z2 was only introduced this April, but sources are speculating that the device won’t be much of an upgrade from its predecessor.

We’ve also got a glimpse of the Xperia Z3 Compact mini-smartphone in a bunch of leaked snaps, so it'll come as no surprise to us should Sony pull it out of its bag of tricks.

As for the third device, that’s the most intriguing to us because there's been barely any speculations on it. We’re taking a stab in the dark that it’s the Xperia Z3 compact tablet.

The video also indicated 07:MM:06:14, perhaps referring to the thickness of the devices – the current Xperia Z2 sits at 8.2mm, so a 7mm range is a possibility. Then again, maybe we’re reading way too much into it and should just let nature take its course. 

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[Source and image: GSM Arena