Sony brings over its remarkable vibrating 4K OLED A1 series

Along for the ride are this year's Bravia 4K HDR TVs and new surround sound options

The full line of Sony Bravia 2017 TVs has arrived, including Sony's ridiculous speakerless OLED TVs. This bezel-less beauty emanates sound from vibrations. 

What’s the science behind this?

The A1 series uses what Sony’s calling Acoustic Surface, emitting sound directly from the screen itself through vibrations. It’s not new tech, but Sony’s the first to shove it on a TV. And if you’re wondering, yes you can actually feel the vibrations when you touch the 4K screen, but it’s not visible.

Sony says sound emitting this way is more accurate and movie-like, as it comes straight from the TV and not from a soundbar below - you can hear of a plane zooming across the screen, or Luke Skywalker speaking from exactly where he’s standing.  It’s quite loud and clear too.

We’re impressed with the vibrating sound, but what’s TV quality like?

It’s a 4K HDR OLED TV using Sony’s X1 Extreme Processor chip – Squint your eyes and you’ll be able to see crisp detail on clothes and shadows, which usually looks a little blurry on conventional OLEDs. Movies display authentic colours and pure blacks throughout.

I gotta have one of these for my house warming party

The A1 series, with Android TV and Chromecast built-in, should cost your wallet RM29999 for the 65-inch, and RM16999 for the 55-inch from June onwards.

How about something a little bigger?

The 75-inch X94E at RM25999 doesn’t come with Acoustic Surface, but this LED TV features a Slim Backlight Drive+ for better brightness and deeper blacks compared to typical LED TVs. Plus, you get the same X1 Extreme Processor for 4K HDR, Android TV and Chromecast.

Before you ask, there’s a 55-inch X93E for RM11999, great for smaller apartments. Both TVs are coming in May.

Spill the beans, there’s other Bravia TVs too

There’s the X85E with the prior 4K HDR Processor X1 (not extreme), Android TV and Chomecast. It’s RM16999 for the 75-inch and RM9999 for the 65-inch, May arrival.

The X80E TVs are 4K HDR TVs without the special processor, but has Android TV and Chromecast built-in. It comes in 55-inch, 49-inch and 43-inch for RM6999, RM4499 and RM3899 respectively.  

The X70E 4K HDR TV series is the easiest way to experience 4K, with Motionflow XR for smooth and sharp details in fast-moving sequences on your PS4 Pro. The 65-inch, 55-inch (coming June), 49-inch and 43-inch (coming May) rings in at RM7199, RM4999, RM3699 and RM3099 respectively.

The W75E Full HD HDR series features Triluminous display, and ClearAudio+ that automatically adjusts sound. It’s RM3199 for the 49-inch, and RM2499 for the 43-inch

Cash strapped binge watchers can opt for the W66E Full HD HDR series, priced at RM2799 for the 49-inch and RM2199 for the 40-inch. It features ClearAudio+ and protection against surge, lightning, dust and humidity, supports Internet services and is HDR compatible.

Finally, the impressive Z9D that got your vote on Stuff Malaysia’s Reader’s Choice Awards can also be found at Sony stores in its 65-inch, 75-inch and massive 100-inch glory. 

I’d like to add some sound options to my TV, please

Sony showcased a whole load of sound options - new this year are the HT-MT500 and HT-MT300 2.1ch sound bar, and the Dolby Atmos HT-ST5000 7.1.2ch sound bar.

If you’re the type to take house parties literally, there’s a whole load of light-changing portable wireless speakers, home DJ one box solutions and extra bass speakers to party the night away.