Sony Accidentally Leaks The Xperia 5 At IFA 2019


It's obvious that Sony is set to launch a new smartphone during the IFA 2019. Initially many of us thought it may be called the Sony Xperia 2, but as it turns out during a test live stream, it looks like Sony's next smartphone will be called the Sony Xperia 5.

Sony had actually broadcast a portion of what looks to be a trial run of its keynote presentation which was meant to be scheduled earlier today on its Xperia Sony Europe YouTube channel. Unfortunately for the company, some viewers caught a bit of the show before it was shut down and wiped from history. A couple of them were even able to snap a shot of the big phone for tomorrow which mainly confirmed the name as initial guesses for the name initially were Xperia 2, Xperia 1s, Xperia 1v, Xperia 1r and Xperia PF62. 

That doesn't prove anything with regards to specs though which we have covered quite a bit. All that remains under wraps until the actual launch which is set to happen this evening at 8pm Malaysian time. Pre-orders in Europe are expected to begin next week with deliveries coming in October.