Someone Asked What Is The Purpose Of The Red Room On Stranger Things; Many Are Now Feeling Their Age

Maybe it's time to start tech history lessons

Even in my 30s, it's the most bizarre thing to hear that people didn't know how we functioned without computers or the internet. I've seen people ask how did we get around without Google Maps before, but this recent incident takes the cake as someone who watched season 3 of Stranger Things asked a question on the forum StackExchange, "What is the purpose of this 'red room'?"

As Stranger Things is set in the 80s, technology was existent but limited and it seems that we now have a generation unaware of the purpose of what is essentially a 'darkroom', where photographs had to be developed by hand in chemical baths. Light from the outside could potentially ruin any photos being developed, so a red light (which doesn’t interfere with photo development) is often used.

We suppose the person asking this question is pretty young to be uncertain of the purpose of this room, which has led to many of the older generation (myself included) feel even more sensitive about their age. Should we also teach the younger generation on how we never printed our own photos, and that we could only see our results after we got pictures on a film developed?

Thankfully, the person who asked got a generous supply of thorough answers on the use of the darkroom and the purpose of the red light. Methinks a history lesson on technology alone should be something considered in the future.