Somebody app sends messages via real people

The notion of a total stranger coming up to you and getting you to call your mom is terrifying
Somebody app sends messages via real people

Messaging apps are everywhere, blossoming like mushrooms on abandoned, sweaty gym shorts. Here comes another one, alas, but it has a rather cool and freaky premise.

Instead of using technology to send you messages straight to your phone, someone will use the app to... tell somebody else to give you a message.

Say hello to the Somebody app. The whole premise is using the app to send messages to other Somebody users who are close to the person you want to give a message to. Now the question is, how will you know that in the first place?

Getting voicemail in person

The interesting and troublesome premise of the app is that it works best with a critical mass of users in a limited radius. Think film festivals, church meetings, barbecues, family gatherings.

Yes, we too imagined the nightmare scenario of your mother using the app just to get you to fetch more charcoal for the grill.

The app's creators are far more breezy about the app's prospects as can be evidenced by the copy on the website: "Pretending to be someone else is liberating. The feeling is a little like Truth or Dare + Charades."

The app itself works by using GPS to locate Somebody users, allowing you to choose one to relay your missive. You can even get a photo of the poor message proxy whose services you'll be using. But if no one is in the locale you seek, you can just float your request until someone takes your mission.

Should someone agree to play message donkey for you, you can even leave specific instructions to the person playing postman. The results could either be terribly wonderful or terribly embarassing. We await the entertaining results.

Download the app for free from the App Store if it strikes you as interesting.

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