A solar-powered grill for sunny BBQ times

Because obviously no one grills on a rainy day

Having a barbeque is one of those activities you reserve for fair-weather days and thus, the idea of a solar-powered grill makes absolute sense, right? So the PhotonGrill is oneupping all previous solar grills before it by being light (thanks to using reflective plastic instead of glass) and portable.

You inflate the solar collector, attach it to the provided tripod mount and then direct the sunbeam at your grill and wait. With full sunlight, the PhotonGrill can reach a temperature of 260 degrees Celsius in just five minutes.

After all the grilling and eating's been done, you can then pack it away in its own little backpack. Head over to the Kickstarter to get one of your own for just €199.

[Source: Digitaltrends]