Social Sweepster scrubs embarassing moments from your social profiles

Scared potential employers might stumble upon your drunken party photos? A new service wipes clean your social media mishaps
Social Sweepster scrubs embarassing moments from your social profiles

Employers now no longer just rely on references; not when they can just Google your name and see what comes out.

Afraid that you may have inadvertently committed career suicide on social media? Fear no more as Social Sweepster is here. A new service that's currently still in testing, the makers behind it claim that it'll monitor and clean up your online social presence.

The website boldly promises: "Whether you're applying for college or applying for your first job, we'll help you present yourself in a professional and consistent manner."

But how does it do it? Apparently by using a combo of language processing and computer vision that'll not only scan words but also be able to identify photos of you online, allowing you to make them 'disappear'.

The service is apparently only available for Facebook and Twitter, with other social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram being in the works.

A 'clean' slate?

Social Sweepster scrubs embarassing moments from your social profiles

While there are similar services to Social Sweepster, its image scanning feature is what sets it apart. Once you grant it access, it can go back as far as 2005 to weed out possibly problematic images, with an apparently high degree of accuracy.

For instance, the technology might seek such discriminating things like beer cans and flags the pictures for you. Though the algorithm is not quite perfect and is likely to generate the odd false positive.

Right now the website allows signups for the curious but doesn't actually show any demos. The team, however, is offering to show the technology off to interested private institutions like workplaces and universities.

The service seems to be quite useful but how much would you trust the app with your social media accounts? Precious little is mentioned about how security works and how safe your information is.

And anyway, the rule on the Internet should just be if you don't want something found, don't put it on the Internet in the first place.

[Source: Ubergizmo]