Snoozers, Microsoft’s alarm app has games to annoy you into waking up

If you lose, you don't get to snooze

Think you can just press some buttons and escape the reality of waking up? Ha, Microsoft has other plans for you.

If you’ve cultivated the horrible habit of falling right back asleep after snoozing your alarm in a groggy haze, you need this. Mimicker Alarm, the app equivalent of Saw’s Billy the puppet, will invite you to play a game the minute you snooze the alarm.

Aside from telling you to “wakey wakey” (probably the second most annoying phrase to wake up to after “rise and shine”), you’ll have to pass some tests to earn the privilege of slipping back into sleep. Either make a face, colour match something around you, or repeat a tongue twister - all of which have been specially designed to pose as a formidable obstacle between you and Snooze City.

You have 30 seconds to complete the quest after silencing the alarm, if not, you can expect blaring alarms until you perfectly perform what’s been asked of you. You do get a choice in deciding what kind of alarm and game you want to play, but we're afraid you will have no choice in the matter of waking up. 

The Android app is available right now. Please download with care. We won’t be held responsible for phones destroyed as a result of being flung across the room...

Source: The Verge