SNK tells NeoGeo X maker to stop production, sales

If you were waiting for a good excuse to get a NeoGeo X, best not wait as the devices will soon be gone, baby, gone
SNK tells NeoGeo X maker to stop production, sales

Old-school arcade gamers with fond memories of NeoGeo Arcade Entertainment System (AES) games were probably excited when handheld versions of the console in the form of the NeoGeoX were announced. But though the NeoGeo X handhelds were only just released as recently as December,  SNK has decided to pull its license for NeoGeo from handheld maker Tommo Inc. 

No more Neo Geo handhelds?


Perhaps it had something to do with not-so-stellar reviews and the console's rather high price at US$199.99 (RM637.17).

SNK has ordered Tommo to stop making and selling the devices, but as of press time the devices are still on sale online. Expect the devices to go at fire sale prices so you might be glad you waited before getting one.

The names of the devices affected, as seen on the SNK website:

NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition


NEOGEO X Classics Vol. 1

NEOGEO X Classics Vol. 2

NEOGEO X Classics Vol. 3

NEOGEO X Classics Vol. 4

NEOGEO X Classics Vol. 5

[Source: Kotaku]