Snap's next Spectacles will likely feature augmented reality

The new glasses might make the most of the Snapchat's World Lenses

Despite Facebook stealing its key features, Snapchat is still going strong and the company behind it is tweaking its eyewear to likely work even better with the app.

AR everywhere

Snap recently updated its app to include fun AR features with its World Lenses, to basically project all sorts of fun stuff onto surrounding environments.

It's rumoured that the update to the current Spectacles to be able to work better with AR, and be "quite different" from the first-gen.

The spectacles are currently on sale online in the US, and has also recently been made available in Europe but not many places elsewhere. As to sales, it's estimated that Snap sold 63,800 pairs in the first quarter of 2017 and around 34,600 pairs in Q4 2016.

With the limited marketing as well as availability, it's likely Snap considered the first pair more of a way to test out the market rather than a major product push. We'll see if Snap atempts to make a bigger play for the wearables market with the upgraded pair.

Here's what we thought of Snap's experiment with wearables.

[Source: Techcrunch]