Snapchat's World Cup 'Our Story' slideshow is a sublime recap

Crowdsourced feed of World Cup pictures is both genius and absorbing
Snapchat's World Cup 'Our Story' slideshow is sublime recap

Moving away from its origins as a way to exchange dodgy selfies, Snapchat showed some World Cup savvy with its curated 'Our Story' photo stream.

This isn't exactly new as the Our Story feature debuted in June at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).  But it's a different take and feel this time as the EDC feed needed you to add a user (Snapchat feed account) to view the pictures.

This time, anyone could view the slideshow as a mysterious 'user' named RioLive2014, which appeared on Snapchat users' screens. Some were wondering who this 'person' was when it was really just the tag for the World Cup feed. Snapchat pushed out the World Cup Our Story mere hours before the final between Argentina and Germany. Curated pictures from Snapchat users then appeared on the feed, giving other users a vicarious look at the festive atmosphere in Brazil.

Not quite Instagram, more visual than Twitter

According to The Verge, Snapchat confirmed that it was controlling the feed and that despite not promoting its existence, users in Brazil had somehow picked up on it and started adding their pictures.

The Story feature in Snapchat retains its original feature - compiled snaps or threads that are shared will also disappear within a day. According to Snapchat, there are more stories than standalone snaps. From 500 million stories viewed a day, now more than a billion users are viewing stories, showing there is a demand for these photo compilations.

Of course this could mean money in the bank for Snapchat once it figures out how to monetise it. Branded Nike or Adidas football tournament snaps anyone? What's interesting is the level of curation Snapchat adds to its streams, keeping slides quickly refreshed and choosing only high-quality and interesting photos.

Could this level of curation persuade advertisers to come onboard? Snapchat probably hopes so.

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