Snapchat's funky Spectacles can take pictures, record video

Think Google Glass but not as feature-filled, and cheaper

Snapchat, or Snap Inc as it's now called, announced a surprise device: sunglasses with a built-in camera.

Snapchat Memories-enabled

Called Spectacles, these sunglasses are certainly statement pieces with a wayfarer style and will be availablack, teal and coral.

As for the camera, it has a 115-degree lens, meant to approximate a person's normal vision. In a Google Glass-like move, taking a picture will involve tapping a button on the left-hand corner of the sunglasses. For video, it can record 10 seconds at a time. To increase recording time, you will have to tap the button every 10 seconds. You can only record video up to 30 seconds long however.

As for privacy concerns, the Spectacles has an outward facing light that will turn on when you're recording while another inward light will turn on to remind you that you're recording. The outward light also works as a battery indicator. Double-tap it and you'll see how much battery is left; Snap says it can last about a day on batteries.

The footage will be transferred to your phone via Bluetooth; for higher resolutions you can also transfer your files over Wi-Fi. Until you transfer them, the Spectacles will store the images for you.

As for pricing and availability, Snap said the sunglasses will be produced in small quantities and are priced at US$130 (RM540). No word when or if they're going to be available globally but if it takes off, expect a lot more people building cameras into funky sunnies.

[Source: TheVerge]