Snapchat's Lens Studio lets you make your own AR Lenses

Want your own custom AR experience? The new desktop app makes it happen

It's not easy being Snapchat - what with Facebook constantly stealing its features. But the company's just launched a desktop app, Lens Studio, to help people create their own AR lenses, which opens a whole new world of possibilities for creators.

Easy Lens fun

The process is fairly simple - design your own 3D objects in your preferred 3D application, import it into Lens Studio and from there work on creating your own AR experience.

Snapchat has provided guides and templates as well as an API to work with and the good news is that the app is a free download.

Regular users can only create world lenses though, and face filters are limited to advertisers for now. 

Once you're done with your creation, you can easily share your lenses with other users via a deep link that will last for 24 hours, or a barcode (called a Snapcode) valid for a year so links can be opened multiple times.

Learn more about the application and download it for yourself here.