Snapchat Launches Their Own Gaming Platform

Games and snaps, a match made in heaven.

It seems like 2019 is the year of companies putting all their money into gaming. With Google making their stand with their streaming platform Stadia, the whole Steam VS Epic Games Store debacle, now we have Snapchat launching their own gaming platform as well.

It’s called Snap Games and was announced during their Partner Summit, saying that the feature is already implemented with the latest update of the SnapChat app. SnapChat users will now see a rocket icon on their app, which will take them to any game of their choosing. SnapChat has previously experimented with video games with Snappables, an augmented reality filter that puts the users selfie into a short minigame.

The company has enlisted the help of a handful of game developers, including mobile games giant Zynga who is jumping on the battle royale wagon with Tiny Royale. Snapchat themselves has also made a game for their platform specifically, titled Bitmoji Party. Like a mix of Mario Party and the plethora of Wii games that let you use your Mii, this game allows users to take their 3D Bitmoji avatars to compete with fellow users in minigames. The first minigame being Zombie Escape, which has one player as an infected zombie with the task of infecting the rest of the players.

Snap Games launches with 6 games, which are all multiplayer focused and are HTML5-based. The company also states that they are aiming for quality, not quantity, saying that they are keen to curate their offerings and provide the best for their users.