Instagram gets a dose of Snapchat-flavoured inspiration with new Stories feature

Now you too can annoy friends and family with disappearing photos

Instagram's just added a new feature: say hello to Stories, where, like Snapchat, you can post up a series of photos and videos, that will disappear in 24 hours.

Think of it as a livestream of photos/videos where you can add to your Stories the whole day without clogging up your friends' Insta-feeds. Anytime people want to keep up with your Stories, they can click on the Stories icons on the top of their feeds. There's an element of choice, and yet an elegant way of continually adding content without overwhelming your network.

It's not just adding filters for Stories, though. You can also edit your photos, adding cute graphics and effects, though we can only hope the dreaded flower wreath doesn't make an appearance.

To get a view of how Stories work, you can follow either Serena Williams or Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook owns Instagram, in case you need reminding) on Instagram and follow their stories. This sounds like a perfect middle ground for people who like the temporary quality of Snapchat photos but who don't want the annoyance of having to download another app. 

Interestingly, Stories doesn't have likes or comments enabled, which might be a Godsend for popular celebrities on Instagram who just want to share their photos without having to deal with an avalanche of sometimes hostile feedback.

Check out Instagram for more details on the feature and to play around with it yourself, just check to make sure you have the latest updated version of Instagram on your phone.              

[Source: Instagram]