Snapchat and Facebook set to do battle over augmented reality

Snapchat introduces new AR feature, but Facebook's Zuckerberg says he's going to make AR mainstream

In today's fun coincidences, Snapchat announced a new feature: 3D Lenses filter that lets you do fun things with your rear camera this time, while Facebook announced plans for its very own augmented reality platform.

Snapchat might need to watch its back

While Lenses has always been a feature on Snapchat, the new tweak adds what's called World Lenses. So when you try and take a photo with your rear camera with Snapchat, you can choose from different overlays to add an augmented reality feel similar to what you'd experience in Pokemon Go. Update your Snapchat app and the feature should be ready to go.

The Lenses app isn't the first app of its nature: Sony had its own AR effect app years ago but made it exclusive to Xperia phones; a pity as it was fun and easy to use.

Facebook on the other hand announced its augmented reality camera effect developer platform: basically it is going to open the doors to developers to add AR to Facebook's functionality. Developers can apply to use Facebook's AR Studio tool, which will let them use object recognition, depth detection as well as precise locations to tailor users' AR experience.

If you're curious about how that would work, you can get a preview via Facebook's Frame Studio that lets you overlay image filters in Facebook Camera for friends or Page fans. No coding necessary: upload image and automatically your name will appear in the Frame's preview, as well as News Feed posts.

Zuckerberg brushed off criticism of his app's 'copying' Snapchat, saying that adding AR was just part of the company's push in creating an augmented reality platform with developers being able to get in on the coming AR wave.

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[Source: Techcrunch]