Snap happy: Instagram gets multiple accounts

Finstagramming and work account sharing just got a whole lot easier

It's been a long time coming, but Instagram is finally adding support for multiple accouts - no more logging in and out to keep those finstagram accounts topped up.

Instagram has been testing out the feature on iOS and Android for the past month or so, but it officially got the nod last night on the Instagram blog.

It should be a big help for anyone that runs an Instagram account for work, or feels that their pets are just so important they deserve their own profile.

Adding new accounts is pretty simple; open the app and go to your profile, tap the cog icon (on iOS) or three dots (on Android), then scroll to the bottom and tap Add account. Plug in your username and password and you're good to go.

Once you're set up, tapping your username at the top of the profile page will bring up a list of available accounts to swap between.

You'll be able to add up to five accounts at once, which should be more than enough for even the most connected of 'grammers.

According to Instagram the update is rolling out now, but we have yet to see it - despite having the correct version of the app  (v7.15).

Expect it to appear by the end of the week if you haven't got it already.