SmellMe, China's pet-friendly social network

You think your friends are sick of your constant stream of pet photos? If you can read Chinese, SmellMe just might be your thing
SmellMe, China's pet-friendly social network

Hoping to tap into the network of people who love sharing pet photos and pictures of cute cuddly animals, SmellMe is the ultimate site for your pet pictures. Well, if you read Chinese that is. SmellMe is a Chinese website that looks to be an amalgam of Instagram and Facebook, with a primary focus on pet pictures.

Though SmellMe does accept other pet photos, you will notice that it is inundated with dog photos. Don't let that stop you, though. Dig hard enough and rabbits, cats and birds have been spotted though navigating the Chinese character-only interface can be a hindrance to non-Chinese readers.

Fortunately though based in China, you can still register on the website though it seems primarily targetted towards users in that country.


Drowning in cute

SmellMe, China's pet-friendly social network

Besides more cute animal fodder than you can shake your fist at, SmellMe also offers an avenue for pet owners to socialise. They can get in touch with other SmellMe users and negotiate pet playdates and interact via comments and messaging.

There are user-shared locations (brings slight worries of privacy) and not much else to do for non-pet owners besides browsing though. So if furry animals aren't your thing, definitely keep away from SmellMe.

The way it's designed though is to highlight, first and foremost, cute pet photos. So you could skip joining the site entirely and just scroll through the various galleries of pet photos placed on the front page of the website.

But if that isn't enough to satiate your inner cute animal junkie then you can also download the app on the App Store or surf on over to Google Play.

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