Smartwatch competition heats up with the new Hot watch

This new smartwatch makes answering calls a literally "handy" affair

It’s really heating up in the smart watch market. The last one we looked at had just got crowd funded and now another one makes an entrance with successful Kickstarter funding.


Called the Hot Watch by PH Technical Labs, this new entrant to the increasingly crowded smart watch field does have one feature that sets it apart from the rest. It’s called the Hands on Talk Technology, that transforms your hand into a phone. By utilising a directional speaker situated at the bottom of the watch's wrist band, it projects the sound to your cupped palm which then amplifies the sound to your ear. And with the microphone attached to the wrist area of the watch you can easily have a conversation without taking out your phone.You literally got yourself a “handphone”.

Now, notwithstanding how ridiculous it might make you look talking while cupping your hands to your ears, this is a pretty innovative feature and that’s not all the Hoy Watch has. It comes with a capacitative touch screen as well as a six axis accelorometer and gyroscope that’s used in conjunction with the watches Hot Gestures. By doing specific hand motions, like moving your hand towards your ear, the watch will then answer the call for you.

Of course being a watch, PHTL has not forgotten that style plays a big part as well. The Hot Watch has 4 variations; Basic, Edge, Classic, and Curve styles, all four coming with either gold or silver finish. The difference between the four is mostly aesthetic. The exception though, is the Curve, which is a little more expensive with an extra torchlight built into it.

The HOT Watch Kickstarter Project originally needed US$150,000 (RM487,875) to get funded but it’s already shot past its required funding target and is currently at US$320,000. There’s still 30 more days to go before the campaign ends and PHTL intends to ship the watches out around Dec 2013.

[From Hot Smart Watch via Kickstarter]