Smartphones may soon have optical zoom lens that won’t protrude when used

A startup has created a new type of lens that will fit snugly into smartphones
Smartphones may soon have optical zoom lens that won’t protrude when used

The quality of the snaps you take on your smartphone may soon get leaps and bounds better, thanks to a Silicon Valley startup. And you won’t have to deal with a brick-sized smartcamera-phone too.   

The company, named DynaOptics, has created an optical zoom lens that’s thin enough to fit inside a smartphone, and it won’t protrude when used.

Most smartphones currently use digital zoom lens, but if optical zoom lenses are to be introduced, better quality images can be achieved. But so far, the bulky lenses needed for this feature has prevented it from being used in smartphones.  

So what this company has done, is create a uniquely shaped lens that creates optical zoom by the lateral movement of two lens halves that are pieced together. It’s also attempting to fine-tune the positioning of the lens to enable variable zooming.   

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And this technology is receiving massive interest. Apparently, it’s signed more than a handful of agreements with companies such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, LG, BlackBerry (yep, they’re still in the game), Lenovo, HTC, Huawei, and Asus.

Perhaps, we’ll see it on the likes of the iPhone 6S/7 (whichever Apple’s going with next), the LG G4, or even the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Not so soon, according to DynaOptics. Even though it’s striving to fast forward the technology, its samples will only go out sometime in March next year and mass production by end 2015. So if these tech vendors do pick up and incorporate the tech, you’ll be using them sometime in 2016.

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[Source: PCWorld