Smart water bottle glows to remind you to hydrate

Absentmindedness no longer an excuse to end up dehydrated

Water is an essential building block of life and we need it for our day to day living. But too many of us are really bad at remembering to drink a glass or five.

HidrateMe, brainchild of Nadya Nguyen and her team, aims to help you monitor your daily water intake and will remind you to take your water when you need it.

It works by having a sensor in the bottle that sends information to your phone wirelessly via an app to monitor your hydration. Other than that, the bottle lights up when you need to drink water to remind you that. The bottle is doing tremendously well in Kickstarter, blowing past its original goal of $US35,000 within a day and it is now already over $41,000 with 41 days still left to go.

Prior to launching their Kickstarter campaign, Nguyen's team told people about the project, getting their input on what a good price point would be and by the time the campaign launched there were people ready and waiting to get a smartbottle.

A 700ml bottle only costs US$39 on Kickstarter and comes in five colours- iceberg white, bamboo green, ocean teal, crystal pink, or obsidian black. The HidrateMe phone app will be available in winter this year and expect the bottle to start shipping then too.

[source : Techcrunch]