Smart bikini lets you know when you're getting too much sun

Tans are great but skin cancer and sunburns? Not so much

Seeing women get sunburnt on the beach, French designer Marie Spinali wondered why there wasn't an app to prevent that. She then made her own and a bikini that would work with said app to remind you to slap on the sunscreen.

The app will take in data such as your current colouring and gauge how often you need to put on the sunscreen. If you're pasty white, then the app's notifications are going to pipe up much earlier than if your skin is naturally a deeper hue.

Spinali's bikinis are custom-made, meaning you can customise the design of the bikini top and bottom as well as the colours. The bikinis are all made in France and can be shipped internationally. As to the app, it comes in both iOS and Android versions.

The bikinis don't come cheap at US$170 but you're serious about your sunbathing and tend to forget to reapply your sunscreen, maybe this might help. Available now, you can order them from the Spinali Design website. Sadly no men's swimsuits are available as yet though children's versions are already in the works.

[Source: Digitaltrends]