This smart bicycle helmet by Livall might save your life

Besides sending an emergency message upon collision, it's also loaded with other smart, internet-connected features

No one should ride a bicycle on the road without a proper helmet. We say you need a smart helmet.

While knockoffs are aplenty at CES Asia 2016, this BH60 smart bicycle helmet by Livall doesn't fall into that category. It's rather ingenious at adding smart features to an otherwise dull bicycle helmet.

Keeping your brain safe from strong impacts, the helmet also detects when a collision occurs and sends out a message to your emergency contact. Don't worry, you have 90 seconds to cancel a false alert and not send your family into a panic.

The helmet also acts as the brake lights, with red LED lights at the rear. On top of that, it also has two signal LED lights, which are controlled by a remote attached to the handlebar rather than through motion sensor. This makes more sense than having the helmet detect how you're turning, in case it falsely senses a turn and signals unintentionally.

For cyclists riding as a convoy, the helmet also comes with a walkie-talkie function, which again is controlled either from the remote or through the app. This is particularly useful if you need to radio ahead and tell the convoy leader to slow down for the slower members of the group.

And if you're feeling a tad bored with the ride or just need some breezy music to listen to while you cruise down the beach, the helmet streams music from your phone via Bluetooth. Loud enough to hear but not too noisy to block off background noise to keep you aware of road conditions.

Availability for the helmet is still ongoing, with plans to launch the helmet globally, including Asia, at a starting price of US$120 (RM485).