Smaller iPad Pro might be in the works

Apple addressing falling iPad sales with...more iPads?

Latest on the rumour mill from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chui Kuo: Apple will be making more iPads, despite sales of iPads being tepid.

Due 2017, Apple might release a 10.5in iPad Pro, a 12.9in iPad Pro 2 and a cheaper 9.7in iPad. OLED technology might also come to the iPad in 2018. This news is slightly disturbing (if true) as this would be following in Android tablet trends to create as many tablets of different sizes as possible, to the point there is a glut in Android tablet supply.

The question is also: does Apple really need to make a smaller iPad Pro? Aren't those called iPads? Still, at this point the speculation is mere conjecture though the iPad Pro has been lauded as a content creation device for creatives, with Apple even suggesting the powerful tablet could even replace laptops for some users.

While it's interesting that Apple is trying to widen its userbase, the problem is that Apple's strength is also its weakness: iPads are usually good enough that users don't feel the need to upgrade to new ones so soon, unlike, say, with iPhones. Plus, users who identify with the Apple mission statement are used to its premium branding and pricing. Making 'affordable' iPads to try to tap the market that would usually go for Android tablets is a risky bet but perhaps Apple might just come up with a compelling reason for people to switch to Apple tablets despite the overwhelming array of Android tablets out there.

[Source: CNet]