Slouching in front of the PC? This might be your best friend

Technology, replacing your naggy mother telling you to "sit up straight!" one step at a time
Slouching in front of the PC? This might be your best friend

What's new on the 'what the heck is that thing on IndieGogo' front? It's UpRight, a discreet wearable device that will passively encourage users to correct their posture. 

Subsequently it should reduce the slew of posture-related health problems: back pain, respiration, organ function, confidence, maturity, and getting people to listen to what you have to say.

The device attaches to your lower back with a hypoallergenic adhesive. It will then use an accelerometer, an advanced algorithm and a “stretch sensor” determining the stretch of your spine, to figure the condition of your spine and whether you are sitting upright. If not, the device gently vibrates reminding you to push from your lower back as your yoga instructor would.

Sit up straight, soldier!

Slouching in front of the PC? This might be your best friend

The makers recommend using the device for 15 minutes a day at first, to allow users to strengthen their back muscles. The user can then increase it for longer durations each day. After 2-3 weeks, the user should be able to sit or stand upright without the device at all.

The device also will be plugged into a social media app of its own. It should give the user real-time updates, keep track of other users’ using UpRight while allowing users to encourage each other through the program, and help the user follow through their own custom personalised UpRight training program.

Currently the makers are crowdsourcing their last needed funds on IndieGogo, to get a last boost to mass production. A timeline on their IndieGogo page shows the designers and producers are aiming to bring IndieGogo to the general market by July 2015.

UpRight is aimed at a grassroots health demographic, promoting a healthy living community that is self-sufficient and is itself populated by self-sufficient people. At time of writing, the campaign has raised double its goal amount and is a couple of days away from closing. Currently, a single UpRight is priced at US$79.

[Source: PSFK]

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