Slingshot's new feature helps you find interesting people to follow

Explore feature is just the latest in tweaks to get the app more competitive with Snapchat

Haven't heard of Slingshot? Seems a lot of people haven't either as Facebook's answer to Snapchat has yet to gain traction. Not even a redesign in December has helped so it's just been update with a new feature Facebook calls Explore.


Facebook calls Explore "a place to discover funny, inspiring and creative people from across the globe".

What happens is that Facebook finds active users, and then promotes them. Other users can then view the shots but if you are the type who has post-diarrhea and really wouldn't want to see all the 5,000 pictures you take a week about your dog then you can choose not to be featured. All you need to do is go to Settings and turn on the "Approve Followers" option.

Facebook's attempted to ape Snapchat's Stories feature with its last revamp, exhorting users to "share life as it happens". Sorry, Facebook, but isn't that what Facebook is for?

If you fancy giving the app a whirl, find it on the App Store or Google Play.

[Source: Slingshot via VentureBeat]