Introducing The Smart Lighter To Help You Quit Smoking

Do we really need this one? According to this creator, yes.

Geez, smokers don't get a break in Malaysia. With all these restrictions of not being able to smoke in many public places, it would make sense to start a new year resolution to stop smoking. But as we all know, any habits can be hard to break, especially one as addictive as smoking. 

Well, someone at CES 2019 came up with a solution. A company from Lebanon named Slighter showcased a smart cigarette lighter that offers you a new way to quit by learning when and how frequently you light up to smoke, then personalise a plan for you. Over time, the Slighter will stop lighting up to help you reduce the cigarettes you smoke one-by-one until you gradually reach your goal. 

You can use a phone app to share data and gain support from family and friends. The app will also show you how much money you've saved along the way. 

In terms of design, the Slighter looks sleek and attractive, fitting for a smart device. It has on one side a tiny display that showcases the number of times you light up, as well as other data in your quest to quit. The product was even nominated for a clinical run with the French National Cancer Institute, Hygée Center of Cancer Prevention, and the Institute of Cancer in Lyon, France! 

As great as it all sounds, you do have to wonder how exactly does the lighter count how many times you light up. What if you, the designated person who always has a lighter, is tasked to lighting up a friend's birthday candle? And if it stops lighting up, who's to say you won't stop by the nearest convenience store to get another lighter with the pack of smokes you just bought? 

Speaking of which, the Slighter costs US$129 (over RM500) which costs the same as roughly 30 packets of cigarettes here in Malaysia thanks to the high rate of taxes. Which one is more worth it? Well, the product will ship out by July 2019, so you have some time to mull that over. 

In the meantime, you might as well try other stop smoking methods like nicotine patches, or even smoke responsibly with a RM1 lighter