Sleepra turns your bed into one big remote

The future sees us becoming mattress potatoes

Smart homes: the true evolution of man's ingenuity and sheer laziness. Sleepra is an interface that helps turn your mattress into one huge touch-enabled sensor.

Turn off the lights while not moving from bed

What happens is that you place the 24-inch triangular Sleepra pad in between your sheets and mattress. It's only 2mm so don't worry about your sleep being disturbed (if it does, then perhaps you need a new mattress) but it will prove pretty effective in allowing gesture recognition.

There is a pre-gesture that must be made before a gesture is registered as a command. Just so you, don't accidentally turn on the lights when you roll over or your cat doesn't turn on the stereo when it wakes you up for breakfast. It also handily works with other smart home devices such as the Nest.

Sleepra is planning an Indiegogo campaign sometime in June, with pricing likely around US$150-US$200. Lucky early birds might have the chance to purchase it for half price with a few lucky enough to get it free. In the meantime, we'll imagine the bliss of making fun gestures on the bed instead of, oh, sitting up to turn the light off.

[Source: Digitaltrends]