Slam your best b-ball shot with the Hoop Tracker

Time to give Jordan a run for his money, right?
Slam your best b-ball shot with the Hoop Tracker

Not everyone has Jordan’s dunk skills, LeBron’s height or Kobe’s b-ball tactics, but what you can have is a new wearable tech device that gets you close to it – maybe two of the three mentioned, since Lebron’s height is quite unachievable by Asian standards (we’re just stating the facts).  

This new smart watch is one every b-ball enthusiast should own, and it’s called the Hoop Tracker. It helps basketball players take their best shot by automatically calculating training progress, including accuracy and shooting percentages; which helps them assess their own strengths and weaknesses.

But it’s not just as straightforward as strapping on the device and moving along with your game. There’s two components to it – firstly, there needs to be a shot detector magnetically mounted on the hoop (good luck getting up there), and then the other, is the watch itself. 

Here’s how it works

Slam your best b-ball shot with the Hoop Tracker

When the ball hits the backboard or the rim of the hoop, the sensor is activated and when the ball goes through, it registers the shot. This data is wirelessly transmitted to the watch, as well as uploaded to the Hoop Tracker website.

But don’t worry you don’t have to be a basketball junkie to sport one. There’re pre-programmed and customisable training regimens – with instruction – for each position.    

And if you’ve got reason to boast and brag, you can share your achievements with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Hoop Tracker is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, with shipping expected to commence from October.

With six more days to go, the crowd funding campaign has gathered more than US$37,000 (at the time of publication), out of its US$100,000 target.

Go on, get your best Jordans on and slam-dunk some hoops like a pro when the device comes out. 

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[Source: Mashable]