Skyline app gives you live wallpapers that change with your location

It's like having Google Earth as your wallpaper

Tired of changing your Android wallpaper manually? Then try Skyline, an interesting take on live wallpapers.

Full 3D terrain

Created by Justin Fincher, the app uses your location to power your wallpaper.

It harnesses location data platform Mapbox to display full 3D terrain maps that shift as your phone moves. Just wave your phone around and watch as your wallpaper changes.

Impatient? You can even swipe your screen to get different views of the map - a great timewaster when you're bored.

Note, however, that the satellite imagery used isn't super up-to-date since the app relies on the Mapbox service.

The app is RM7.99 on Google Play.

[Source: Digitaltrends]