The Skully P-1 puts bikers’ focus back on the road

This smart motorcycle helmet ensures that riders' eyes will never go off track
The Skully P-1 puts bikers’ focus back on the road

After Marcus Weller took a tumble from his bike when he was searching for directions, he learned a lesson - always keep your eyes on the road. The answer to having a clear field of view even with protective material wrapped all around your head? The Skully P-1.

The P-1 helmet is even more protective than your new girlfriend’s father. Equipped with a rear-facing camera that provides an unobstructed 180-degree field of view, the helmet is armed with a voice-operated controller, allowing you to keep your hands firmly on the handles the whole time.

However, there’s one thing that stands between this and success in Malaysia - voice recognition. This would only fly if it actually understands the local accent. Otherwise, it would just look and sound like you’re having a particularly lonely case of road rage as you cuss at the frustrating device that refuses to understand you.

Aside from that minor kink, every other feature looks anti-accident amazing. Using its micro-controller, riders will also be able to access navigation and video information via a visual set-up, similar to what Google Glass uses. Given how the company is willing to open up the system to third-party coders, we could be seeing new features in it. We know we'd definitely welcome having built-in air conditioning to help us keep a cool head on the roads.

Source: Engadget