Ski goggles on steroids: Oakley's Airwave 1.5 Goggles

Forget Google Glass. Oakley's stuffed GPS, Bluetooth and a virtual heads-up display into eyewear almost too cool for school

You almost wish it snows on this side of the planet, seeing the amount of cool tech in Oakley's Airwave 1.5 augmented display ski goggles. What makes the eyewear special is a little built-in dashboard that projects a 14-inch display (only viewable from your goggles) that lets you see your GPS coordinates, maps and jump analytics.

Ultimate skiing accessory

This heads-up display (HUD) by no means blocks your view: the projection you see is approximately five feet away, allowing you to ski as usual while being able to see real-time data calculated with the included software. At the same time, you can stay connected via bluetooth to view calls and messages from your phone, as well as track buddies who opt in to the Oakley Airwave system.

The lens on this is dual-vented, for clearer views with various tints to choose from including dark grey, persimmon, black iridium and fire iridium to filter out UV rays. Anti-fog tech also help you maintain visibility in chilly climes.

Expect to pay a premium for all this cool tech though. The Oakley Airwave 1.5 retails for US$650 (RM2078). Get this if you want to be the coolest skiier on the slope.

[Source: Designboom]