That Sketchy Way To Download Google Apps On The Huawei Mate 30 Is No More

Not like it was a good idea to begin with

If you're hoping that it may still be worth it to get a Huawei Mate 30 series smartphone and that you'll use that Chinese website tutorial to download Google apps, I have bad news for you. The website is now down and if you already used that workaround, the device is now blocked from using any Google apps.

Using that workaround was never a good idea to begin with. Not only would that be illegal, but it's already dangerous to install a third-party app from an unknown source and give it system-level access. It turns out that the app from said website used undocumented Huawei APIs that gave a lot more control to the app and bypassed Android’s security system. In other words, what you would be downloading is a backdoor, and it would give even more ammunition to the US government to ban Huawei further.

Of course, no app can simply use those APIs and have to undergo a review process by Huawei. What this means though is that LZ Play either had unauthorised access to those APIs or that Huawei itself approved of the app. It may be Huawei's way around the US blacklist though there are no clear connections between the app and Huawei other than this API.

With the website down though, it's likely that someone doesn't want certain information to leak to the public. Most importantly though, to anyone with a Mate 30 phone that used this website to install Google Play now fail Google’s SafetyNet tests and is now labeled as compromised and insecure, so your access to use Google Play services has been blocked.

Despite all the controversy and issues, the Huawei Mate 30 still managed to fulfill a million sales in China within the first three hours, complete with long lines in two. There's also the fact that stock on Taobao are currently out, and imported models of the Mate 30 are on sale in Hong Kong at a mark up of an extra HK$1,500 (~MYR800) which means that demand surpasses supply.

The Huawei Mate 30 is slated to be introduced in Malaysia tomorrow during the Huawei Malaysia Ecosystem Conference 2019 tomorrow, with a launch date and local pricing expected to be announced too. To those who want to own the smartphone but still want a way to access Google apps, we would suggest to not do so as you're definitely putting the device at risk. Whether Huawei will provide better alternatives will hopefully be revealed tomorrow.