Size does matter for Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 2

Leaks show the vendor is potentially working on its biggest phone yet
Is bigger better for Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 2?

Samsung's clearly pushing the boundaries in terms of mobile size. If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was massive, wait till you see what the vendor’s got in store for you – well, potentially.

According to leaked images through a FCC filing (first spotted by SamMobile), Samsung’s crafting up its Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. And if the rumours are true, it'll be its biggest handset to date. At a whopping 7in, this dinosaur of a phablet is the same size as a Nexus 7, which was up till now, strictly tablet territory. 

We think the success and uptake of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Mega, probably did well enough for Samsung to want to think, “right, let’s go bigger and better”. Now, it’s possible that we’re mistaking the making of a tablet for a phablet, but there've been a few rumours that indicate otherwise.

What will it look like?

Is bigger better for Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 2?

Besides the fact that the FCC label categorised the device as a “mobile phone”, it apparently has three antennas along the bottom and upper-left corner. So one could possibly conclude you can make phone calls with it.   

There isn’t much spec information available yet, but another leak claims it will feature a 720 display, a 1.2GHz quad-core chip, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and an 8MP rear facing camera. It will also most likely come with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean as its operating system.

Considering that the display doesn’t sit on par with many of the other smartphones on the market, and keeping in mind that its OS is a generation behind the newest KitKat Android, it could be a handset that’s meant to be on the cheaper end.

Samsung is holding a press event on 12 June, so the Galaxy Mega 2 might rear its head then.

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[Source: Business Insider, images from Ortud and Business Insider]