This site lets you check if your data's been compromised

It's a sad, bad time for Malaysians and their user data

It's pretty much official: Malaysians with telco, Jobstreet or housing loan accounts likely have their data floating online, on sale to the highest bidder.

CIMB also recently announced that some of its backup data tapes had 'gotten lost in transit'. While insisting that security data hadn't been compromised, the bank is increasing security measures and that means using CIMB services might be a bit of a pain for a while.

Now an enterprising tech evangelist has come up with a site to help you confirm what we already all know - that someone has our data and is selling it to scammers, spammers and other unsavoury folk.

A depressing turn

What Keith Rozario - who calls himself an "insufferable tech evangelist" - has done is create a website to make it easy for you to find out if your data is floating online.

Rozario said his effort is "making the data available to the ‘normals’, people who don’t look around in hacker forums".

Is it safe entering your IC number into this guy's website? What if he, too, is farming data? Really, that point is moot by now, considering there are few to no restrictions on collecting IC numbers. Everyone from your bubble tea seller to your car wash man asks for your Malaysian IC these days, which begs the question - what is the government and all those big corporations who were compromised doing to better protect our personal data?

If you're up to it, head over to Rozario's SayakenaHack website to see what you probably already know. In the meantime, I'm considering changing my number or at least installing apps such as Truecaller that will detect spam calls. It's a time for us all to be warier about who's calling us - and no better moment to keep in mind the old adage: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

[Source: Keith Rozario, NST]