Siri's website gets a fancy update

Fall in love with Siri all over again

Yesterday, a newly updated Siri website has been launched. And it's more than just an aesthetic revamp - the site now provides a much more comprehensive look at the built in voice assistant. A stark difference from the previous webpage, which only consists of one page that is more like a rough introduction/overview into what Siri can do.

The new site now provides users several categories featuring Siri’s multiple support abilities: Staying in Touch, At a Glance, Getting Organised, Sports, Entertainment, Out and About, Getting Answers and Tips and Tricks.

Gearing up for war with Cortana

For example, “At a Glance” provides a quick rundown of a random compilation of questions that can be asked such as “Does Singapore have four seasons?” or “When will it be cold in Singapore?”. Okay, we'll stop joking.

All the other categories other than this are much more specific. “Getting Organised” uses commands specific to apps like Calendar and Reminder and the questions sound like “What is the schedule for the rest of the day?”. “Entertainment” uses commands such as “Show me the new Avengers trailer” or “buy me the latest season of Game of Thrones”.

Each page has tons of information of what Siri can do for you to improve your life so scoot on over to have a look if you are an iPhone user.

The website revamp is timed with the release of the new iOS 8.3 that added new languages for Siri and the ability to make calls over the speaker phone. Additionally, local search and directions are now available for countries like Brazil, Denmark, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Thailand and Turkey.

[Source: Macrumors]