Singapore rallies under Indiegogo, gets iPhone 6 for Vietnamese tourist scammed at Sim Lim Square

Much feels for the folks who've gathered nearly US$10,000 in a bid to help the man in his hour of need
Funds get raised on Indiegogo for iPhone 6-scammed Vietnamese tourist

Your Facebook feed must have been brimming with news and pictures of this poor Vietnamese tourist that claimed a Sim Lim Square retailer, Mobile Air, recently scammed him for a lot more of his money when all he wanted to do was purchase an iPhone 6 for his girlfriend.

After seeing his dire state (watch below, there’s a viral video of him falling to his knees and begging the retailer to return his money) and hearing his pitiful story, many have felt for him and have now taken matters into their own hands by fundraising on Indiegogo to get him an iPhone 6.

Pham Van Thoai has plenty to be grateful for thanks to this large network of people that have been contributing to his loss – the factory worker walked out of the store empty-handed and was refused a refund after paying S$950 for an iPhone 6 and another S$1500 for an extended warranty that he thought was complimentary.

Reversing injustice

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) only managed to get back for him S$400. But the campaign’s almost garnered US$10,000 (at the time of publication it was US$9896) in collection since two days ago, a marked increase of its US$1350 goal. And it’s got another six days of collection to go.

“Pham was dealt a great injustice by the legal system and while we cannot undo those traumatic and humiliating scenes he has had to endure, we can try to make things right. Let's give the man an iPhone 6,” it was stated on the fundraiser page.

And as the campaign’s raised way more than expected, Pham can also expect some small gifts of Singaporean hospitality such as Bak Kwa, Kaya jam and spice packs in addition to an all expense paid holiday back to Singapore from the creators of the fund.

More donations

Singapore’s homegrown artiste, Steven Lim’s also pledged, via a video he posted on his YouTube channel, to donate S$1000 to Pham so that he can get himself an iPhone 6. We’re clearly a nation of givers.