SimCity BuildIt is EA's new take on the mobile city sim

A mobile version of the latest SimCity is on its way to eat up all your free time
SimCity BuildIt will is EA's new take on the mobile city sim

One enduring game franchise has been the SimCity series. Though the latest SimCity was fraught with technnical issues and the target of gamers' ire due to its 'always-connected' requirement, it's not stopping EA from trying to port the game to mobile.

Titled SimCity BuildIt, the game will be available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. EA calls BuildIt "an all-new SimCity game like you've never seen before, designed for gamers on the go".

More free-to-play

SimCity BuildIt will is EA's new take on the mobile city sim

Following EA's track record for The Sims games on mobile, there's a likelihood that BuildIt could be a free-to-play title that would come with in-app purchases. Something modelled on the likes of the popular Sims Freeplay, perhaps?

EA's official website is noticeably lacking in details for the game besides describing it with a lot of superlatives: "the most advanced mobile building simulation game"  and "vivid, 3D-quality graphics". The most advanced building sim bit - that can be hard to tell seeing there aren't any really popular mobile building simulation games as yet. (No, Minecraft doesn't count.)

What's intriguing is the premise that the city can be evolved in a variety of ways and like SimCity games on the whole, looking after your citizen's needs are paramount. Happy citizens make a city thus you had better avoid their wrath.

Nothing is revealed about gameplay either besides being able to pinch, zoom and rotate views 360 degrees in the game.

The real question is: will players be able to play with each other the way the current SimCity does? Now that would be an interesting game to play.

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