The Signify Experience Aims To Make The World Brighter

Signify’s new initiative aims to reduce the carbon emission of the world.

Earth Day has come and gone, with it being the time where everyone in the world switches off their lights, in hopes of enlightening the future. One company known for their lighting solutions, Signify, are pledging to solve the energy crisis of the world with their Signify Experience initiative. Signify intends to raise awareness amongst the public on energy-efficient lighting, as well as their new 3Sekawan lighting solutions.

The 3Sekawan lighting solutions unlock the extraordinary potential of light to sustain a greener world. The collection comprises of the Meson Surface Mount LED Downlight, UFO LED Bulb, and the Stellar Bright LED T-Bulb, which incorporates unique features into its design, whereby fixtures can illuminate larger spaces while minimizing energy consumption and enhancing user comfort. The launch of this range was held on the 6th of April.


During the launch of the 3Sekawan range, Signify ASEAN CEO Alok Ghose donated a substantial amount to the World Wide Fund (WWF) Malaysia which was received by WWF’s Head of Policy and Climate Control, Lavanya Rama Iyer. Gracing the event, Lavanya shared, “Lighting businesses are key to the preservation of our environment and it is commendable for an innovative lighting company like Signify that has a stronghold of influence within the industry to make a commitment of this value towards environmental preservation. Energy efficient lighting is important for today's consumers, and this is an exemplary action from Signify to invent products that protect the future of the ecosystem.”


Today, lighting accounts for 13% of the world’s demand for electricity. The global shift to LED will reduce this to 8% by 2030. Signify aims to be at the forefront of the government’s initiative towards increasing the use of renewable energy to 2% by 2022. The initiative is set to be one of the many consumer-centric initiatives, such as Earth Hour, which is a globally event promoting environmental awareness and protection. Signify became the first lighting company in the world to have delivered close to 1.8 Billion LED lamps and luminaires to-date, with a target for 2 billion by 2020, as part of the Global Lighting Challenge.   


This achievement has a significant impact on Signify’s green initiatives since it means actualizing carbon emission reductions of more than 33,000 kilotons of CO2, which is well over 100 times Signify’s net carbon footprint for 2017. By the end of 2018, nine of Signify’s physical locations achieved carbon neutrality, operating completely on renewable energy.