Signal 2.0 sends encrypted messages from iOS to Android

Sick of WhatsApp? Whisper for iOS lets you communicate with Android users on RedPhone and TextSecure

A messaging app that lets you talk to different apps on a different platform? Definitely unusual but that's what the latest version of the secure messaging app Signal claims to do. Signal is all about encryption and secure messaging, while still being an open source app. 

Cross-platform encryption

Besides sending text, images and videos, Signal also supports free calls. Just why would you switch over to the app? Apart from being free, Signal uses only your phone number and address book. No logins, no usernames, no PINs. Open Whisper Systems, the app's creators, gives the assurance that the end-to-end encryption will mean no one, including the company, can view or hear your conversations.

The biggest selling point though is that while Signal is iOS-only, it can communicate with Android users with either the TextSecure or RedPhone apps installed. Sorry, Windows Phone users, you're out of luck.

If you're suspicious of WhatsApp and don't think Telegram is for you, Signal is free on the App Store.

[Source: Open Whisper Systems via ArsTechnica]