Sid Meier goes to space again with Starships

The game is a followup to Civilization: Beyond Earth. Hopefully, it's a little less boring
Sid Meier goes to space again with Starships

While the notion of Civilization in space seemed cool, Civilization:Beyond Earth was a good concept but with a delivery that wasn't quite as exciting as we'd expected. Still, its sales must have been good enough that Sid Meier is setting another game in the Beyond Earth universe: Starships.

The premise is that on receiving a distress signal from the vast beyond of space, intrepid explorers journey forth on spaceships.

Turn-based space exploration

The latest announcement is a little light on the details. All that's certain is the game will be out in 2015 and will be available for the PC, Mac and iPad. No details about Android availability as yet, though you never know as 2k did make XCOM: Enemy Within available for Android. It's not as before when chances were slim that big titles would take a long time to trickle down to Android tables.

Good news is, though, that if you already own Beyond Earth, 2K is promising some cross-connectivity between the game and Starships. There'll be exploration, tech trees, tactical battles...though to be honest, why would you go for this when you have games such as Endless Space and Sins of a Solar Empire to play with already?

The people working on it include a small team from Firaxis and Meier himself. Let's hope that this is more Civilization IV than Spore.

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[Source: Gamespot]